Undine Systemic Constellations | Events


As human beings at this time – in our families, organisations, communities – we are looking for ways to navigate the tremendous shifts underway in the global collective field / consciousness.

In search for what holds true we may turn to the sacred and begin to listen to new forms of guidance on the inside.

Passing through the portal of 2020 there is no return to a prior state of being:
What have we learned during this time?
What have been the gifts? What has been seeded?
What has asked to be seen, released and healed?
What can we discern that wants to evolve and become further?
How can we create those safe and brave spaces that generate genuine community, the sense of belonging we often dream about? How do we nurture harmony and balance in our lives?

In southern Africa, in the midst of social challenges, oppressive political dynamics and economic decline we experience the deep resilience that always surfaces in such turbulent times. The hearth becomes the centre once more for connectivity and conversation, between and across generations, about what really matters now.

We share with you some insights from these times and are curious to hear how you have traveled. Let’s have a generative connecting, conversation and inquiry through systemic constellations work into what really is calling us at this time.