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Emerging – June 2020

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A systems constellations space for practitioners to listen to the calling of our time

A space to sense, see, witness, discern

A space to sense, see, witness, discern


Your language is silence
Choosing from here
Perceiving beyond my own experience without
losing self
In which my “me-ness” is suspended
Staying in the room

Turning to face the unknown
The past has a place, merging with the future
in an emerging now
Can I become so tuned in that I can use my
heart to work powerfully with my hands?
Appreciating beauty without ignoring the dark


…to co-create a diverse and inclusive space to weave something alive and strong in our community of practitioners, to hold us at this time, to incubate and surface what holds true for each of us, enabling the emergent, allowing what is coming, inquiring into what is hidden and wants to be known, to gently come forth and be seen, with rigour, with kind eyes and with soul sentience.

We offer a continued process of study and observation based on systems constellations work practice.

Event details

Date: 20 June 2020
Time: 2 - 5pm
Venue: Online / Zoom Room
Investment: 350 - 650R or make an offer


Undine Whande

Undine is a family and systems constellations facilitator and trainer; she is also kundalini yoga teacher

Contact no.: +27 73 572 9868
Whatsapp: +27 73 572 9868

Lawrence Ngorora

Lawrence is a SCASA registered facilitator of the early generations in southern Africa

+27 72 421 9329

Angela Hough-Maxwell

Angela is a psychotherapist, family constellations therapist, art process facilitator, yoga teacher & mother

Contact no.: +27 83 516 8209