Undine Systemic Constellations | Workshops

Event: The 3 Marriages – 2023

Event Details:

Date: 22 July 2023
Time: 10am- 2pm
Venue: Online (includes some offline time)
Investment: R650
Gift economy/sponsorships available

The poet and speaker David Whyte describes three crucial relationships in our lives:

*partnership/family LOVE
*the commitment we have to our WORK
*the spoken or unspoken commitment to SELF

It is not possible to sacrifice one relationship for the others without causing psychological disturbance. By understanding the simultaneously robust and delicate balance of the three marriages, can we begin finding a real sense of our place in the world.

In this workshop we will use structured systemic constellations to explore the inter-relationship of the questioner with their work, self and intimate relationships. Through deep observation and acknowledgement of what is – without judgement – we may gain insight and acceptance into some repeating stuck patterns in each domain. Often these unconscious patterns are linked to loyalties developed from familial patterns or experiences in our biography.

This way of “seeing” opens the possibility of genuine movement -from within and beyond.

A constellation is an embodied approach which offers experience and insight into the dynamics or relationship between parts within a system. We will explore in this workshop what David Whyte calls the conversation or lack of conversation between the three marriages – self, partner and work.

The morning process will give each person an opportunity to set up their own constellation around the Three Marriages. Exploring the mornings’ experience we will then use art, writing and dialogue to reflect on how to enhance our observation skills with regard to patterns, noting what is physically embodied, how to create movement and what it means to be “in my rightful place and relationship” with each aspect of my life.

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