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    Being in Nature has been an experience that has given me strength, courage and insight since childhood. My father was a marine biologist and took us on walks to the beach, […]
  • Soulful Distancing - image by Irvine MuzuvaSoulful Distancing
    SA Lockdown Week 1 - what makes me feel alone at this time is how all around people are succumbing to fear. Calling this a period of social distancing (rather than physical distancing) has been an unfortunate choice of words. […]

Creative Expression

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Blog

Allowing yourself to meet blank canvas
Meeting the Dancer inside
Earthing and Grounding working with clay
Conversations in Colour
Finding your own Tune
Daring to play seriously, or to seriously play again
Say it simple, write a Haiku
Write that Story that’s been calling inside you for so long
Creative Forms of Expression forms an integral part of any transformation journey in my practice.
I am grateful to the many artists, known and unknown, who inspire this journey.