Systemic Constellations

Systemic Coaching


Systemic Constellations

How do we support healing ourselves, our lineages, and shift patterns across generations?

Constellations work offers a systemic way of looking at your current life situation and explore the questions that may be working you right now. We are all part of multiple systems – our family systems, organisational systems, the ecology of the environment and our own bodies.

Through constellations work we have the possibility to represent some of the less tangible dynamics in these systems, in ways that their (often unconscious) impact in our lives can become visible. Through representing facets of your situation/question in a constellation, the existing dynamics may form into a momentary, concrete picture in front of our eyes, to be witnessed and worked with further.

In constellations work the relational dimension is in focus, its hidden facets become depictable, so you can see and sense how parts of your life relate to one another.

In the process we may be able to see what constitute a key healing movement for you, in the here and now. A constellation is a guided process. As facilitator I work based on an understanding of archetypal orders (the so-called ‘orders of love’) that are at work in our lineages. In the constellations practitioner community, we are currently learning more and more about the impact of the trans-generational transfer of traumatic events, past exclusions, untimely deaths, the absence of mourning, family secrets and other dynamics.

In constellations we can see how some events of the past continue to affect later generations. It is often through ‘seeing’ and acknowledging the wounded parts (without seeking to change), by simply being present to what shows up, that a healing movement can show up in the constellation.

I invite you to experience this work. This can be in a one-on-one session or through a group process.

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Coaching

In my coaching practice you will encounter my own version of the two coaching modalities that I trained in –

Systemic Coaching & Change Management

As a Systemic Coach I support you through asking questions that, in a sense, ‘enable new highways in the brain’. Many of our patterns are entrenched, even at the level of our neurons. When we are experiencing a shift, we resist it, even if we thought we desired this very shift. Systemic coaching supports you in creating alternative avenues for thought and experience, from which ‘same old’ situations can be viewed in a new light and challenges can reveal their gifts.

Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching is, in essence, a deeply supportive and generative listening practice. It steps away from the need to fix it, and to get it right, or make it perfect. Together we pay attention simply to what is happening, right here right now. Surprisingly, it is at that moment that things begin to shift and we may see something new about a situation we face and begin to expand. I work with you in observing the deeper learning offered in the situation, and access the wisdom that resides in your own body. The quality of attention with intention can enable manifestation of what you wish for.

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Systemic Coaching

Facilitation & Peacebuilding

I have worked in the area of peace and justice since the early 1990s when it was just emerging as a discipline. There were no courses then to study this. I struggled to describe to family and friends what I actually do. A peace worker? It seemed contrived. By now, we face a different situation where many young people coming into the work see it as a profession and have studied for degrees with the respective titles.

What I offer is rooted in the street wisdom of having learned from the South African situation in the early 1990s and the time during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s process in particular. I was blessed to learn from many teachers who had had their ‘school’ in the struggle, and worked in peace committees and at the negotiation tables of the very heated transition in South Africa.

Many of my teachers had less formal education, yet they knew how to walk into situations where literally bullets were flying and, just by showing up on the scene, the entire moment would breathe out. The potential for dialogue would enter, sometimes lives were saved. From this direct action mode I also moved into the systemic dimension of engaging the legacies of apartheid, the mechanisms of exclusion, the subtle racisms, including confronting my own white self and my reality of a mixed origin family. The learning continues and will never end.


Kundalini Yoga

Chances to Change

Women are Medicine

Kundalini Yoga

In my search for the core of what enables true transformation and fosters genuine non-violence, I learned that you can grow the ability to be in the midst of life’s challenges and be at peace through yoga. The connection between our finite existence and our inner infinity is what allows us as humans to fully unfold into our potential, beauty and destiny. Throughout my life, I have held a personal line of inquiry about how to heal the woundedness of painful pasts – of countries, communities, families and individuals.

Kundalini Yoga has been key in my own intensive personal healing quest, tending to the trans-generational wounds as a child of parents deeply traumatised by war. I have taught Kundalini Yoga in villages in Zimbabwe, for urban communities in South Africa, to the beautiful people at the Camphill Villages and once even inside the Mitchell’s Plain Court House.

I integrate the benefits of yoga in all my work. In more than one way, my practice springs forth from my daily time of experiencing on the mat.  The breath and body work of Kundalini Yoga is a sophisticated 5000-year old technology for systematically working on your questions/life path issues and how they manifest in your body. Through working with your body you can support the outer transformations you seek from the inside. Practicing Kundalini Yoga meditations regularly, you can find the place from which all change originates and, with time, become the master of your own domain.

I teach regular online classes, in-person classes and private classes. I also host a yoga library on this site with pre-recorded classes. To book a class or purchase access to the library click here or contact me.

Kundalini Yoga

Chances to Change Game

The Chances to Change game is a coaching and transformation game that evolved through a diverse stream of lineages and teachings. The essence is to create joy. The simplicity lies in everybody being able to play this game, and its beauty unfolds in the relational transformation and enlivening engagement it generates for those who play.

I work with the game in one-on-one coaching situations and also with teams; we work on personal questions and also business matters. I also play the game with my family when we have questions, when we grapple with something and feel a bit stuck. It is a most astounding and versatile tool for your coaching reservoir, and more, it can facilitate movement and healing in your life.

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Chances to Change

What is Women are Medicine (WAM)?

Women are Medicine is a living impulse of women from all walks of life gathering together in circles to connect with their gifts, their potential, their bodies and souls – their ‘medicine’ on offer to the world.

We gather as women, to share, grow and go back into the world with strength and confidence and renewed energy. Ignited by this work we share it each as we can and carry the flame of soul connection back into our lives, and we start new circles in our own hood.

The first circle was born in Turkey in 2013, followed by gatherings in Zimbabwe, Cape Town and France, weaving back and forth between Europe and Africa. So far we have had 17 such circles in 5 countries and more are in the making. This year we are hosting a women’s conversation in Cape Town that reaches across generations.

What do we do?

We are showing up with our struggles, inquiries, edges, needs, and inviting each woman to step in and co-create with us.