Chances to Change Board Game

chances to change board game

The Chances to Change game is a coaching and transformation game that evolved through a diverse stream of lineages and teachings.

The essence is to create joy. The simplicity lies in everybody being able to play this game, and its beauty unfolds in the relational transformation and enlivening engagement it generates for those who play.

I work with the game in one-on-one coaching situations and also with teams; we work on personal questions and also business matters. I also play the game with my family when we have questions, when we grapple with something and feel a bit stuck. It is a most astounding and versatile tool for your coaching reservoir, and more, it can facilitate movement and healing in your life.

Playing the ChancesToChange board game is a rigorous practice of joy!

It is not about winning or achieving anything. It is a reminder that you are already awake, that you have the possibility to access more of “you” and are ready to live your life to the fullest.

Why did we create this game?

To express our love of unity consciousness and to transmit this love into the world; to support our stepping into the joy we know is possible in our lives.

How did we achieve this?

By exploring the question: How can we live our lives from the core, from our essence? And by following the flow of our life forces and that which gives us pleasure.

What did we come up with?

A board game that brings joy, ease and playfulness. A superb communication tool contained in a holistic and holographic form.

What does our board game look like?

The board game marries spirit and matter and makes light, love and joy available in our lives. It brings more of self into
the world and has the quality of being a modern type of ceremony, even acting as a rite of passage through our life’s journey.
Through the ChancesToChange board game we create a sacred space, a loving community where we touch each others’ hearts. You benefit from the power of a small group and the magic that unfolds on a level beyond time and space while you are playing.

Who might like to explore our game?

The flexible nature of the game allows you to play it by yourself or with your family and friends and in a variety of settings. You can also play it at work and in your communities or use it in your (holistic) practice. It encourages self-responsibility and creativity. Reinventing your organisations becomes effortless. There are additional versions of the board game available in order to be able to use the game in different settings ( a creative version and a version for organisations).

The best way to explore the ChancesToChange board game is to contact us and arrange a try-out.

Chances to change board game

What is wildly original in this board game?

The essence is to create joy. The simplicity lies in everybody being able to play this game, and its beauty unfolds in the relational transformation and enlivening engagement it generates for those who play.

A segment of the book: A rigorous practice of joy.

Veerle De Bock and Elaine McGoogan are crafting a series of books to assist the different possible modalities of the game, going from a self-help tool to a device that assists your organisational coaching.

Read more about the board game and it’s emergence. 

Our Physical Bodies 

The manifestation of a wildly original boardgame

Creators of Chances to change board game

The creators of the game

The ChancesToChange board game was birthed in December 2016 through Veerle De Bock.

The underlying ideas and concepts have been developed over the last 5 years by a group consisting of Els Stouten, Eddie Doolan, Undine Whande, Elaine McGoogan with support from Sherry Pae, Leila Forsythe, Sarah Sporn-Koslow, Maaianne Knuth and Kirsten Osterkamp.

Through their work together they connected with unity consciousness and were able to allow this consciousness to express itself through the game.

Playing the game feels like engaging with unity consciousness.

Practical information

The price of the ChancesToChange game is R1500 and the game is available in English or in Dutch. The game is for sale through this website, click on contact.

For Belgium and Germany: Els Stouten
For the Netherlands: Eddie Doolan
For France, UK and Switzerland: Elaine McGoogan
For South Africa and Zimbabwe: Undine Whande
Other: Veerle De Bock

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