Organisational Constellations

Organisational constellations by Undine Whande

Organisations, companies, institutions are living organisms with a birth moment, a lifespan and an inherent ecology that sustains them and goes through its own life cycles and sometimes circles.

Organisational constellation makes visible what is at work in your systems, both visibly and invisibly. Have you ever experienced that you are trying to fill a particular position and the people coming in always leave after a short while? Have you observed that after the founder pioneer leaves, the organisation is going through a re-invention that reveals both continuities and new impulses emerging?

How do I enable good beginnings and endings in my organisation – for employees, for programmes/products or for myself? How do I deal with past injustice and exclusions that seem to ‘hang’ and sometimes ‘haunt’ in the system?

If these questions resonate, organisational constellation work allows you to take a step back and look at what is happening, to see clearly what is calling for attention through conflict or disturbance and to create your own rituals for organisational health and vitality.

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