Nature and Community Constellations

Organisational constellations by Undine Whande

This work links intimately to the Goethean Nature Observation which hones the senses for our deeper connecting with the wisdom of nature.

Nature constellations found me when I was asked to hold space for several pieces of work that involved questions around land.  I was honoured to hold space for an indigenous community reclaiming a historic wetland and to host several constellations on the theme of water.  I have recently been fortunate to train more with international facilitators like Francesca Mason Boring and Melissa Rossopoulos.

future of enlivening and prosperous communities. In congruence with Margaret Wheatley’s work, it is in this domain of community that the most tangible shifts and transformations can be realised at this moment in time.

The healing resourcefulness and resilience offered by nature and through the land is remembered in this form of constellations work.  These natural healing resources also become available in social processes of community building and strengthening.

Community constellations illumine social dynamics, often linked to historical processes of exclusion and displacement. The relational dimension matters here, in that the land, the natural world, the built environment and the social world of community all enter into conversation.

This work is in service of the emerging

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