Family Constellations

Family constellations

How do we support healing ourselves, our lineages, and shift patterns across generations?

Through a constellation we can access some of what could not be seen, held or healed in our family lineages. Perhaps, at the time, it was simply too much for our ancestors. Trans-generational trauma, exclusion, displacement, experiences of war and violence – all these experiences continue to impact over numerous generations.

The resonance of what was too painful, or sometimes too shameful, to be remembered in families is then carried in the bodies of the descendants who find little explanation for their symptoms and inner realities in the daily lives around them.

Family Constellations work offers us the possibility to see that which could not be seen then, to honour that which did not receive recognition at the time. We thus give it a place. Often, the system can transform and some prior disturbances may find a more restful place.  Destructive patterns are enabled to change, and symptoms can ease and dissolve. This is oftentimes only possible one or several generations later.

The constellations process based on the intelligence of our bodies, working with few words. The work rests on the keen observation of what may be the healing movement arising in this specific moment for this specific client. When we step into our own healing movements, large or small, we work in the service of life and love. We do this work from a place of now, when we can resource ourselves and become able to fulfil this task of “seeing” and “honouring”.

We have found that when something has been seen and honoured, when it has been given a place in the heart of a descendant, the whole family system can shift. With time, relationships deepen, more intimacy becomes possible, and the flow of love in the family is liberated. The system often comes to a new, more peaceful place.

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