I am a peacebuilder at heart.

Most of my life I have worked in various conflict resolution and social justice initiatives in Southern Africa.

In the search for what enables non-violence and grows peace, my journey has led me increasingly into the domain of personal transformation and leadership development.

I now work as a coach and systems constellations facilitator accompanying individuals and organisations that seek to evolve their potential for healing and transformation.

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The Throne is Broken

The throne is broken The fancy hat no longer fancy The bone has been taken back into the earth The vulture has cracked A single thread, so finely woven Gleams in the sunlight Do you see? I ask: Where have the frogs gone, during the drought? I walk on, invited by the...

The Future needs a landing strip

When we forget, we remember The movement is cyclical, yet evolutionary Spiralling, spiralling We are remembering right now who we are Destiny and contract Aspiration and potential We are enough, always Whatever situation meets you You are here for a reason You are...

Soulful Distancing

SA Lockdown Week 1 – what makes me feel alone at this time is how all around people are succumbing to fear. Calling this a period of social distancing (rather than physical distancing) has been an unfortunate choice of words.

Body & Movement

The biggest wisdom for all shifts and changes we may seek lies inside our bodies. When we listen to that wisdom, life energy is released and we get in touch with what really matters.


…step out for an hour and explore what is important to you?
…have fun dealing with serious issues?
…deepen into your own transformational practices


Constellations work offers a systemic way of looking at your current life situation and explore the questions that may be working you right now. We are all part of multiple systems – our family systems, organisational systems, the ecology of the environment and our own bodies.

Creative Expression

Allowing yourself to meet blank canvas

Meeting the Dancer inside

Kundalini Yoga

In my search for the core of what enables transformation and fosters non-violence, I learned that you can grow the ability to be in the midst of life’s challenges and be at peace through yoga. The connection between our finite existence and our inner infinity is what allows us as humans to fully unfold into our potential, beauty and destiny.


Being in Nature has been an experience that has given me strength, courage and insight since childhood. My father was a marine biologist and took us on walks to the beach,

Spinning the web of Relations

A few years ago, my colleague Ghalib Galant and I hosted a leadership development process for young Zimbabwean leaders in the peacebuilding and human rights fields called ‘Spinning the Web of Relations’.

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Family constellations
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Life Coaching
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Healing yoga
Restorative yoga
Meditative yoga

Action research
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