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systemic coaching by Undine

In my coaching practice you will encounter my own version of the two coaching modalities that I trained in.

As a Systemic Coach I support you through asking questions that, in a sense, ‘enable new highways in the brain’. Many of our patterns are entrenched, even at the level of our neurons.

When we are experiencing a shift, we resist it, even if we thought we desired this very shift. Systemic coaching supports you in creating alternative avenues for thought and experience, from which ‘same old’ situations can be viewed in a new light and challenges can reveal their gifts.

Coaching categories

Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching is, in essence, a deeply supportive and generative listening practice. It steps away from the need to fix it, and to get it right, or make it perfect. Together we pay attention simply to what is happening, right here right now. Surprisingly, it is at that moment that things begin to shift and we may see something new about a situation we face and begin to expand. I work with you in observing the deeper learning offered in the situation, and access the wisdom that resides in your own body. The quality of attention with intention can enable manifestation of what you wish for.

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Life and Leadership coaching

When Madiba left he said: do not look for another great man or leader, it is you who must lead now into the future. In that vein, I see life and leadership coaching as intimately connected to one another.

When I coach you as a leader, we are in the middle of your life themes. When I work with you on life coaching, I see you as a leader in your field, family and community.

The people who come into my practice are leaders from all walks of life and their impact rays into many spheres – family, workplace, community, nation, region.

Culture and Conflict Coaching

Many of our current workplace issues in Southern Africa are strongly entangled with the legacies of apartheid and colonialism – the structural realities of enduring exclusion and discrimination meet the persisting nature of transgenerational trauma.

In our work with diverse groups in organisations, companies, universities and other workplaces, we honour this reality and together search for the way forward, one step at a time.

We explore the role of history, culture and it’s evolution, and what is now becoming possible.  In this way we open up through the interpersonal space and impact back onto our working cultures.

Coaching for Intercultural Couples

My own experience in a cross-racial and -cultural marriage and family has been the source this strand of my work. When dealing with challenges in our relationship, we found that few coaches or counselors specialise in meeting the needs of inter-racial couples and families.

We meet as people, fall in love, hold onto the belief that we can be human first, navigate the treacherous terrain of racism and perhaps inherited privilege and shame. In our most intimate relations these themes then come home to roost.

When we can engage with the bigger picture of the histories we trawl behind us, family, community and country, we can meet one another afresh, with honesty and love. We can evolve our ways of being with one another.

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