Women are Medicine 2022

Women are medicine 2022 reflections

Undine Whande April 2022

Women are medicine in nature Women are medicine in hiking Women are medicine constellations

She comes home with the smell of fire in her blanket,
A whiff of wild lingering under her skin,
A deep laugh that seems to come from afar,
A sliver of new moon under her toenails,
Some sand in her hair, the scent of riverwater,
A graze on her leg where the rock minerals now jingle in her bloodstream,

A memory of the soft skinned brown earth and the waters,
now luminous with cloud above,
now alive with fish emerging from the depth,

Home from cultivating stillness in stillness,
learning from the mountain,

Promises made to the fire,
and witnessing our visions into conception,

Talking Star language late at night,
Feeling the Earth turn in the floating waters of goddess pool and us turning with her,
Finding what we need when we’re not seeking,

Many small moments etched on the inside of eyelids and eardrums,
murmuring brooks,
visiting the circle of the men’s gatherings,
whiskey poured to the ground. And her heart,
her heart is singing,

Making the most beautiful music,
While her soul listens with intent,
A spring in her step,
A quickening in her pulse,
A peculiar strangeness as she walks among the citifolk,

Look to her eyes,
It doesn’t matter an inch what others may think,
The fresh pulsating in her veins,
A clear mind,
A sharpened gaze (and 🗡 sword),
A sense of nourishment that fills the farthest corners of the deepest cellars for those long winters,
those droughts,
those barren times,

A harvest that releases sweet nectar in small increments at key moments,
Through just the right voices whispering just the right thing into just the right ears when needed. No matter what they think – we remember, just enough. No matter how fragmented – we reconnect, just a little. No matter how hidden – we find the wild spaces and places, and their myths unfurl in our songs and make home in our dreams, they resound across the land quietly, yet with certainty.

And so we return – Renewed Resourced Stardust dancing 💃🏽