Systemic Constellations


How do we support healing ourselves, our lineages, and shift patterns across generations?

Constellations work offers a systemic way of looking at your current life situation and explore the questions that may be working you right now. We are all part of multiple systems – our family systems, organisational systems, the ecology of the environment and our own bodies.

Constellations work can be applied in Family, Organisations, Community context and greatly assist in addressing historical woundedness.

What to expect and prepare for

Through constellations work we have the possibility to represent some of the less tangible dynamics in these systems, in ways that their (often unconscious) impact in our lives can become visible. Through representing facets of your  situation/question in a constellation, the existing dynamics may form into a momentary, concrete picture in front of our eyes, to be witnessed and worked with further. In constellations work the relational dimension is in focus, its hidden facets become depictable, so you can see and sense how parts of your life relate to one another.

In the process we may be able to see what constitute a key healing movement for you, in the here and now. A constellation is a guided process. As facilitator I work based on an understanding of archetypal orders (the so-called ‘orders of love’) that are at work in our lineages.

In the constellations practitioner community, we are currently learning more and more about the impact of the trans-generational transfer of traumatic events, past exclusions, untimely deaths, the absence of mourning, family secrets and other dynamics.

In constellations we can see how some events of the past continue to affect later generations. It is often through ‘seeing’ and acknowledging the wounded parts (without seeking to change), by simply being present to what shows up, that a healing movement can show up in the constellation.

I invite you to experience this work. This can be in a one-on-one session or through a group process.

Constellations or Coaching Session

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