Women are Medicine

What is 'Women are Medicine (WAM)'?

Women are Medicine is a living impulse of women from all walks of life gathering together in circles to connect with their gifts, their potential, their bodies and souls – their ‘medicine’ on offer to the world.

We gather as women, to share, grow and go back into the world with strength and confidence and renewed energy. Ignited by this work we share it each as we can and carry the flame of soul connection back into our lives, and we start new circles in our own hood.  The first circle was born in Turkey in 2013, followed by gatherings in Zimbabwe, Cape Town and France, weaving back and forth between Europe and Africa. So far we have had 10 such circles in 4 countries and more are in the making. This year we are hosting a women’s conversation in Cape Town that reaches across generations.

What we do

We are showing up with our struggles, inquiries, edges, needs, and inviting each woman to step in and co-create with us. We meet working with the ancient forms of the circle ways, and we live together in both sacred and ordinary ways.

We listen to ourselves, to each other, the land and to our bodies. We dance, we sing, we laugh, we cry, we tell our stories and step beyond them. We cook and clean and celebrate the everyday tasks and chores of communal living. In this way we experience the gentle threads weaving the sacred and the ordinary together as we create the space, host the process and explore new ways of being.

How does it work?

We value diversity and being true to the contexts we live and host in, including rather than omitting their challenges. Rather than some leading and others following, we spend our time together each day sensing in ourselves what we need at this time – welcoming each other to share in that space.

The process is lightly held by a calling team that dreams the gathering into being. It is an experiment in collective leadership that depends on self-organising principles and the deep belief that each woman holds a piece of the puzzle that makes the gathering generative for every woman present.

Women from at least five countries who have hosted gatherings over the last eight years.
Calling teams are open structures and can be called by any woman who has been to a Women are Medicine, inviting a new circle. The Women are Medicine is backed by a team of women older than 60 who support the process with their wisdom and support.

Join us

We started to create these ever widening circles of women by stepping into our courage and strength, and so can you by supporting us. Aiming for a safe space to grow from within, we invite you to strengthen this new form of sharing what we know in a safe environment. Become part of embodying the ‘medicine’ that the world needs now. Together, we will resonate outwards into our families, communities and further contribute to the healing of the earth.

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