Historical Woundedness

Historical woundedness - constellations by Undine Whande

Thriving in face of historical woundedness

In our workshop processes we explore concrete organisational or project-specific cases and systemic challenges related to diversity. We hold space for honouring the legacy of historical woundedness in Southern Africa, in particular its impact on the work environment.

This work creates a space for looking into the heart of the phenomenon we call ‘diversity’. When we speak of ‘diversity’ we often really mean: the overt and subtle emotional landscape that is evoked when working together in face of shared divided and divisive histories.

The natural response of the human being is to shun pain, to suppress, numb and evade experiences that appear ‘painful’.  This work was co-created by Undine Whande and Lawrence Ngorora.

The historical context in which an organisation was founded and grown, what aspects benefited and compromised its life form and life force, also play a critical role. This may speak to organisational history as well as personal and contextual memories of the people working within the space.

Paradoxically, the simple act of ‘seeing what is’, honouring and acknowledging our wounded realities, can restore a flow to teams and projects that have gotten stuck. This enables ways of dealing with conflict as a source of transformation and supports a healthy and generative work climate for the people in an organisation and in freelance situations.

It takes collective courage to move from ‘wanting to resolve/solve things’ towards adopting a stance of ‘acknowledging what is present without fixing it’. To be with what is. This often enables a flow of life energy again – for the organisation, its people and the environment around. Within that flow, the constellations process can offer the organisation a ‘new guiding image’, that is embodied and without need for many words. From this visceral embodied experience, people can step towards genuinely transformative movement and action.

We offer process facilitation based on systemic methods, in particular organisational constellations work. We also offer advanced training workshops open to constellations facilitators, recent graduates, trainees, HR professionals, therapists, coaches and people with systemic interest or experience.  Systemic constellations work offers an avenue to explore the less visible dimensions of the inheritance of multiple histories in our organisations/workplaces.

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