My approach

Liberating creative energies

The remedy for violence is not non-violence but creativity.

My practice has taken different forms over the last two decades – I have been called a facilitator, mediator, conciliator, dialogue host, coach, teacher.

Of late I have come to think of myself as someone who creates or takes part in creating conducive spaces – a space (co)creator so to speak. In these spaces whatever is already in the unfolding of the organism (be it an individual, group, organisation, a piece of land and even a country) can be seen more clearly.

Through seeing, or rather through looking, and looking again, this unfolding is supported. This is more than wishful thinking. As one of my friends said when observing our children play: it seems that it is not ‘I think therefore I am’ but rather ‘I am seen therefore I am’. When I say ‘see’ I mean seeing with all senses – looking, listening, experiencing fully. This ‘seeing’ is actually a kind of ‘beholding’.

To my experience, a person who is seen and beheld with a loving, compassionate and discerning eye, can get in touch with their life force.

When that happens, in that moment, problems often ‘dissolve’ (rather than being ‘solved’) and they can step into their flow once more.

Creating enabling spaces

For individuals, groups, organisations and large systems.

I work with you and your question in this very moment, touching base with what is happening inside and outside, and unearthing your current needs as well as the resourcefulness you have to bring fulfilment to them.  I work with you to set clear intentions and manifest the transformations needed on your very own path and in your very own way.

I work with you as a leader in enterprises that have a social profit orientation or wish to evolve one, in organisations that serve and seek to make the world a better place, in teams that want to ask new questions, open up new spaces for encounter in our fragile, complex and yet so resilient and vitalised postcolonial environment in Southern Africa.

I explore with you how global questions link to personal challenges. Together we create processes and spaces that make wholesome living and working possible and that enable the potential of future generations to root in the good foundations you have laid for them. I work with you as one who is looking to really be true to yourself in your practice, to live your truth from the inside out, with rigour and joy.

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