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22 - 23 February 2023

Sustainability Institute (SI), Lyndedoch near Stellenbosch, WC


(a few sliding scale seats available, lunch included)


Paul Hollesen

Constellations facilitator, Sustainability consultant
Tel: +27 65 501 1752
Email: paulhollesen@gmail.com

Contact Undine Whande for Systemic constellations, coaching, Kundalini yoga and facilitation.

Undine Whande

Systemic Coach, Constellations Facilitator & Trainer
Tel: +27 73 572 9868
Email: undinewhande@gmail.com

Event information

This inquiry is based on two decades of accompanying organisations, specifically with a focus on internal transformation, social change and responsibility, working with the effects of historical woundedness in workplace contexts, DEI, enabling local innovation and potential from the African continent in the context of global organisations, and generally co-creating workplaces that allow people to thrive and prosper.

This invitation will include co-hosts and an element of creating the process with the participants so as to meet the interests and needs in the room.

Systemic work in organisations and workplace-related constellations work has been an emerging field over at least 30 years and keeps on growing. In this work we are looking for “the inherent Whole” – we experience organisations as living organisms and their internal dynamics as expressions of human creativity in relationship with the world.

In our current workplace environments, that very creativity – something at the core of shared human activity to express individual and collective callings in the world – is under threat. Workplaces seem to become technical affairs, forgetting the reality that in life-as-unfolding, everything happens in relationship to another.

We look forward to deepening into these explorations with you, learning from and through setting up constellations. This is an experiential workshop and we will be working mostly in an embodied way with actual case work.