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Family Constellations Foundation Training in Zimbabwe

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Training

Constellations work is a pathway to seeing and perceiving more of what is alive and working in our systems – our families, our workplaces, our homes, our relationship with the land we live on, as well as our connections to bigger systems like community, country and continent. It matters how we relate, and we have the capacity to become more awake to the subtle aspects of our relating.

We offer a Foundation Training for Zimbabwean practitioners, beginning with two foundation training modules in systems family constellations in 2019. This will then open the pathway to train further in this modality, to move into advanced training and on towards obtaining a facilitator qualification and registration with SCASA (Systems Constellations Association of South Africa) which is as an internationally recognised training provider. We will offer constellations work regularly in Zimbabwe so as to enable a process of qualification over time. Participants can also attend workshops in other countries that will count towards building your portfolio as a facilitator.

Event details

When: 2019 - 2021
Time: As required
Venue: Kufunda Learning Village & Online
Investment: Contact us


Undine Whande

Undine is a family and systems constellations facilitator and trainer; she is also kundalini yoga teacher

Contact no.: +27 73 572 9868
Whatsapp: +27 73 572 9868

Who is this training for?

We have found constellations useful in a wide range of realms; however the foundation has always been the work within our families, as well as with our own “inner parts”. The foundation training enables us to do our own family constellations and to practice this inner constellations work. Based on this, we can then expand into further dimensions to explore in later modules. These can include workplace and organisational constellations, community constellations, nature and land constellations, systemic situational constellations, for instance working with historical woundedness in societies, larger political constellations, and more.

We recommend this training for practitioners who already have experience in working with people, in a sense “have a practice”, be it through less formal (but regular) accompaniment of fellow community members, or formally as a coach, therapist, facilitator, teacher, healer. Speak to us with any questions you may have.