The Future needs a landing strip

When we forget, we remember
The movement is cyclical, yet evolutionary
Spiralling, spiralling
We are remembering right now who we are
Destiny and contract
Aspiration and potential
We are enough, always
Whatever situation meets you
You are here for a reason
You are held by the intelligence of the universe
And your ancestors’
Here now

Be present
Be forward when the movement comes
Follow, follow
Track potentiality without reacting
Without acting
Til the moment comes
Then swiftly, like the wind, like the lion,
Like the tongue of the chameleon

The slow down again
Do less
Wake up
Don’t go back to sleep
When you do, wake up again
Instead of beating up on yourself
Do what needs to be done
Especially nurturing yourself

Be aware of redemption impulses
And the ego impulses they may be protecting
We all want to be good
That’s the loyal inner child

Reconnect to your wild
Get to know
Re-wild yourself
With care
Great care

Checking out will seem the best option at times
Can I stay til its done?

Get enough sleep
Eat good food
Remember the basics, they are essential when the form dissolves
Return to the impulse, always
Listen for it
Listen for rhythms
Connect to the seasons

Listen to one another

Remember to call on one another when you need itRemember to call in your support
All is here and will come and serve you
You have to remember us though

Keep quietening enough so you can truly perceive
What’s here
What’s real
Accept and welcome your teachers
Even death

Yes life is a guest house!
Welcome all that comes, welcome it all
You are so loved!

Send love as a frequency
From your heart
From your awkward shyness and cut-off-ness
From your boldness and connectedness
Serve only love

Learn from others
Accept that for you it may be different
Learn from what you meet
But craft your own responses
Your own creations
Sometimes you will need to fake it til you make it

The goldsmith of patience wields the hammer of wisdom
Upon the anvil of deep understanding
Let love be your guide
Seek out one another
And stand together in adversity

Honour all your lineages
Biological, spiritual, heart tribe, animal roots
You are one with all
You are our most beautiful expression of life
Right now in this moment

You are the we are
Sat Nam

Gateway Emergence, Kufunda-Cape Town, 23 November 2018 (Undine)