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    In my search for the core of what enables transformation and fosters non-violence, I learned that you can grow the ability to be in the midst of life’s challenges and be at peace through yoga. The connection between our finite existence and our inner infinity is what allows us as humans to fully unfold into our potential, beauty and destiny. […]
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    When we forget, we […]


by | Dec 10, 2019 | Blog

Being in Nature has been an experience that has given me strength, courage and insight since childhood. My father was a marine biologist and took us on walks to the beach, picking up shells and observing the migrations of the birds. I remember the sensations of wind and weather, animal and plant worlds and how these walks contributed to my foundation as a human being.

In my work I find nature is an avid co-creator. Be it a contemplation on leadership or a quest for healing, whatever my client may be seeking, nature offers itself as a source and resource, to be discovered and, often, re-discovered as such.